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Application Examples

By using Pulsors many discharge problems, which occur again and again in silos, can be easily solved afterwards. Typical problems are bridging (arching), ratholing (funnel flow), segregation and time consolidation.

Example 1 - Silo with vibratory bin activator

Silo with vibratory bin activator Vibratory bin activators do not always ensure that bulk materials can be discharged without problems. Often, as in the present case, bridging occurs over the outlet and over the annular gap, as well as caking of product on the walls. By retrofitting Pulsors all problems could be solved completely and the conveying capacity could be improved decisively....


... here, too, one no longer has to knock with a hammer. The bulk material is fluidized by the injected air and flows out...

Example 2 - Intermediate container

Storage container In containers with a rectangular cross section, caking and dead zones form preferably in the area of the edges. The two lower Pulsors prevent bridging and ratholing. In addition, the flow of material on the flatter wall is supported by the upper Pulsor. By retrofitting Pulsors, a continuous material flow could be achieved and the container could be completely emptied.

Example 3 - Storage silo

Storage silo In the case of a storage silo for adipic acid, bridging over the outlet should be prevented on the one hand and funnel flow, which would occur without discharge aids, reduced on the other. The installation of Pulsors in three levels enabled the bulk material to flow also in the outer area of the hopper, and caking of product on the walls could be avoided.

Example 4 - Dust filter

E-Filter ALBRECHT Pulsors are used on many electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters to regularly clean dust deposits on the walls and to keep the outlet free from blockages. This prevents clogging of the outlet by avalanches of dust build-up and ensures trouble-free operation of the dust filters. The correct positioning of the Pulsors on the hopper walls is often decisive. We have many years of experience in this field.

Photo2 Pulsors can also be retrofitted to electrostatic precipitators without any problems, or, as in this case, can be planned right from the start. In order for the Pulsors to sit outside the insulation, correspondingly long welding nipples and nozzle pipes are used. For continuously and automatically operated systems it is recommended to provide the Pulsors with a function monitoring system. A sensor integrated in the Pulsor cover monitors the pulse generation and reports a fault to the control room.

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