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Pulsor The Pulsors can easily be retrofitted to any existing silo, as they are completely installed from the outside. The nozzle tube is screwed into the cylindrical housing of the Pulsor and carries at its opposite end the nozzle head with check valve.
The Pulsor with its impulse nozzle is mounted to the silo via a weld-on pipe nipple and a taper seat pipe union. The nozzle protrudes through the welding nipple and the concentrically drilled through wall about 15 mm into the silo or bin. For insulated containers, longer weld-on nipples and nozzle tubes are available to allow the Pulsor housing to sit outside of the insulation.
The pipe union makes it easy to remove and reinstall the Pulsor and impulse nozzle for maintenance purposes. After loosening the union nut of the nozzle, the Pulsor with the impulse nozzle can simply be pulled out of the weld-on nipple.


Three different Pulsor types are available, which differ in air consumption and effective range. Number, type and arrangement of the Pulsors on the silo, as well as the optimum activation cycle, depend on the flow characteristics of the bulk solid, the silo shape and the procedural requirements.
At larger silos, and especially for products that tend to consolidation over the time or adhere to the walls, the Pulsors are usually arrangend in several levels at the silo cone.
At smaller silos or if only bridging or clogging near the outlet is to be prevented, often one or two Pulsors are sufficient.
Benefit from our experience and enclose a sketch of the container together with some information on bulk solid and process in your inquiry.

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