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Valve and air connection hose To operate the Pulsors, compressed air of 4 - 8 bar is required, whereby the supply line must have a sufficient nominal diameter. The guide value is NW 40 (1½") for the main supply line and NW 25 (1") for the branch lines to the individual Pulsors. The compressed air connection of the Pulsors to the supply line is made via a hose and a solenoid valve, which is used to switch the Pulsor on and off. Immediately after compressed air release, the pressure pulses are automatically generated in the Pulsor. Control cycle

In general, the pulsors should be activated for only approx. 0.8 s each time. The pause time until the next activation is between a few seconds and a few minutes, depending on the requirements. The solenoid valve must be activated via a clock generator. The clock generator must be started at the same time as switching on the respective discharge device. The Pulsor control can either be installed in an external control box, or implemented in an existing PLC.

Funktionsüberwachungssensor The Pulsors can optionally be equipped with electronic function monitoring. For this purpose, an inductive proximity switch is installed in the housing cover, which registers the movement of the valve disc in the Pulsor and signals the absence of pulse generation in the event of a fault. Function monitoring is recommended for continuously running systems, such as dust filters in waste incineration plants, where a device failure may not be detected immediately. Conversely, function monitoring can also be used to detect unintentional operation of the Pulsors.

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