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Functional Principle

Pulse prinziple A self-controlling chopping mechanism in the Pulsor generates compressed air pulses in rapid succession.
These are blown into the bulk material through special impulse nozzles and flow in a star-shaped flow and parallel to the inner wall of the silos.
This distributes the air homogeneously in the vicinity of the nozzle and reduces the wall friction as with an air cushion. A metal-sealing non-return valve in the nozzle head prevents product from the silo from getting back into the nozzle.
The fast switching on and off of the air flow, which takes place about five times per second, is the reason for the special effect of the Pulsors: The pulsating air flow achieves a considerably higher degree of efficiency than with continuously injected compressed air.

By means of the pulsors consolidations in the bulk material and caking on the walls are effectively eliminated, and thus bridging and ratholing prevented. By reducing the wall friction, and the homogeneous air distribution, the bulk material also flows along the walls of the silo.
This can reduce funnel flow and product segregation.
Nozzle head


Conclusion: 1 device - 3 effects

The resulting continuous mass flow from the silo ensures economical, reliable and trouble-free operation.

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